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  • Cabinet door and drawer front refinishing

  • Cabinet face/interior refinishing

  • Paint or stain finishes

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  • Crown Moulding

  • Baseboards

  • Doors And Frames

  • Window Casing

  • Wainscotting

  • Columns, Corbels And Accents

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  • Hardware Upgrades

  • Glide and Hinge replacement

  • Millwork Repairs

We understand that your kitchen is where all the action takes place. That is why you need durable finishes that can withstand heavy traffic and wear. As a professional painting company, BUHLER PAINTING has access to products that the average homeowner does not - coatings that can handle what you and your family throw at (or around) your kitchen.

Restore your kitchen to it's original glory by letting BUHLER PAINTING re-finish your cabinets in our shop. We can paint the walls and ceilings while you wait, and even install new trim accents or hardware to finish off your renovation.